ıstanMUN '18


"Make the World better..."

Letter From The Secretarıes-General

Dear Participants,

We are honored and proud of introducing you to the Istanbul Model United Nations Conference, Coming from all over the world participant students discuss real-world issues at MUN conferences. A young person who freely expresses your thoughts, who is sensitive to current problems, confident We are aware of how effective the Model United Nations conferences are in its formation. My team and I are happy to host such a conference. which we will organize this year. One of the major objectives of the istanmun, to prepare individuals over Turkey's future is to allow students to develop themselves in a free environment. Our goal as a team is to create a new youth that is hard working, producing and delivering. We are waiting for you all during the 7-8-9-10 December 2018 conference, where you will be confronted with current world problems and try to find solutions for them.

Zana GÜMÜŞ - Muhammet Yasin EDEMEN

european parlıament 
European Parliament represents European folks and defends their rights. 

european commıssıon

European Commission works like a government and it rules the European countries. 


All the European leaders in this committee! 

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UNSC is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations.


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